No Thanks IRS! Consulting was established in 2009 to provide educational services and assistance for Americans who want to learn more about their rights (and how to successfully exercise those rights in dealing with taxing agencies) in order to make their federal and state income taxes as low as legally possible. In most cases, the lowest amount of income tax legally possible is $0. Over the years, we have had hundreds of satisfied clients. Request an evaluation today to find out more!


“David has made things so much clearer in the minefield of questioning what the Internal Revenue Service “really” says. I have journeyed through a variety “protester” kinds of approaches. What I know now would have saved immense pain and suffering. Pain in my own finances and pain in my own marriage…We have allowed the IRS to establish my status not through argumentation or challenge. Really, for an adversary, we treated the IRS as a business that simply needed proper use of their own familiar tools to guide them to do the right thing according to their own statutes….Oh, and I keep 100% of what I make now. The IRS did send me back 100% of what I sent in a few years ago…”

Scott R., Alaska   ($14,000+ refund of income tax withholding)

“David has helped me to defend myself against an onslaught of IRS Gestapo Tactics, saving me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process and renewed my belief that we still have freedom in America and that, the sanctity of the ‘Rights of the Individual’ still hold true.”  

Chris L., California   (2 Audits closed with $0 tax after IRS had proposed over $400,000 tax liability)

“The process went smoothly and wonderful. (David) was ALWAYS available to answer any questions I had along the way. Legally opting out of income tax can be a very stressful decision, but David made it a lot easier. “

Steven  Y., Nevada   ($6000+ refund of income tax withholding) ________________________________________________

” I have IRS proof of zero, and I mean ZERO tax liability for TY 2018.   Because of this Zero liability, the IRS refunded ALL of the monies (5 figure amount) withheld…David is excellent in his work as a tax consultant!  He knows this field better than anyone I have ever worked with before!   He is NOT a tax protester, he is a Law specialist who will help you correct your liability with the government in regards to the Income Tax regulations if your status is improper—- most of us are not proper in our income tax liability to the government!  David will correct this!!”

Daniel D., Tennessee  ($18,000+ refund of income tax withholding)